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Child's Play Challenges offers more than business ownership.  It offers a mission driven lifestyle.

As a Child's Play Challenge Courses owner, you will connect with your community.  You will bring folks together beyond the reliance of social media with a fun and motivational experience that you create.  You will encourage all ages and abilities to trust their strength and not their fear and find their own unique path through the obstacles.  We are for the sporty and adventurous, but we are also for every kid who didn’t make the soccer team and every adult who thought their days of fitness were behind them. We are for the special needs ninja who faces real life obstacles every day and just wants to play past their preconceived limits. 


Own your own Child's Play Challenge Courses and create the moments and memories that will make all the difference in the world for someone.  Enjoy our flexible home-based business model, multiple revenue streams, and collaborative environment, as we support you on a journey to pursue more than business ownership; to pursue a purpose.  Leave the office behind, unplug and play with us!


So, why choose us? 
Because we CRUSH it.


Our Mission Statement

Child's Play Challenge Courses is committed to keeping folks of all ages and abilities healthy, active and unplugged in a fun and playful setting.


multiple revenue streams

Our mobile business model brings the Course Crushing to the comfort and convenience of our client's location at a facility they secure.  Our modular design is customizable for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor venues and can be adjusted for all ages and abilities.  We easily adapt for backyards, classrooms and conference rooms to campgrounds, open fields and every space in between.  As a result of our creativity and all-inclusiveness, we provide Course Crushing for dozens of event types translating into multiple revenue streams and year-round operations.  Folks are calling from all over the country saying they can't find any other company like ours! 


can't i just paint my own tires?

 We get that question sometimes. Sure you can. And then you would have a very nice set of painted tires. What you wouldn't have is a solid business model with a strong support system. You might spend more money, more time, and then more money (because time is money) trying to replicate a business that already has a proven record of success. You see, it's not just about the tires.  Or the cargo net.  Or the rock wall.  It's about a collective experience that has been fine tuned for all ages, all abilities, and multiple event offerings in myriad spaces.  It's about systems and safety protocol and sound technique in an untapped market.  As Founders, Matt and Lauren made many mistakes in their startup years, but through trial and error and fierce determination they have overcome the obstacles to build a brand with an impeccable track record. And now they are ready to share that knowledge and empower their franchisees to transform their lives and Crush their future, just like they did!

Be in business for yourself,

but not by yourself.


Start CRUSHing Business Ownership

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