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Our ideal candidates come from many walks of life, but one thing is clear.  Franchise partners will share our unequivocal passion for helping others find their strength and achieve their goals.

Founders Matt and Lauren attribute a great deal of their successful brand story to the hard work and loyal support of their Course Masters.  They know the key to the successful expansion of Child's Play Challenge Courses will depend on identifying ideal franchise partners in the journey for coast-to coast Course Crushing.  

Through our Discovery Process we aim to identify candidates with just the right skills and experience to Crush their future with Child's Play Challenge Courses.  In turn, you will also have the opportunity to fully engage by researching our brand, exploring our FDD, visiting our headquarters, and deciding if we are the best fit for your lifestyle. Owning a business is a big decision, and you will ultimately determine what is best for your future.

Candidates with experience as fitness professionals, teachers, coaches, and youth leaders can be a natural fit as Child's Play Challenge Courses business owners.  Our Lead Course Masters have similar backgrounds and they thrive in our active and motivational environment.  Though we know we would be remiss if we didn't consider interested candidates from other walks of life.  Our mission driven lifestyle will resonate with many different folks and we can't wait to talk to those who share our passion to  keep folks healthy, active and unplugged in a fun and playful setting.


what we look for in a child's play challenge courses franchise partner   


A love for physical fitness and an active lifestyle

Management skills and a business owner mentality

Leadership and the ability to motivate and encourage others

A team player with a creative and collaborative spirit

Family support and commitment of your entrepreneurial vision

Willingness to learn and to follow a structured system

So, what moves you to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals? 


Are we the ideal business opportunity for your lifestyle?

Our flexible franchise model offers many opportunities and we will work with you to customize a path to build your business around your unique lifestyle.



This is your opportunity to join a new and emerging brand with room for exponential growth. 


YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY and provide an experience that builds connections and strengthens bonds.


YOU WANT MORE THAN A BUSINESS. You want a mission dedicated to helping others overcome obstacles, face adversity and find their fortitude.


YOU WANT TO CHOOSE THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH and surround yourself with those who motivate you and support your dreams.


YOU WANT TO WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER and engage your inner child in an upbeat and fun setting that you have the opportunity to create.


Start CRUSHing Business Ownership

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