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We change lives by
challenging limits.

We hear it all the time at birthday parties. "I'm so glad I found you.  We are tired of inflatables.  This was so different and engaging."  We hear it at schools.  "It's so great to see our kids off of their electronic devices and playing together."  We hear it at camps.  "I can't believe you were able to accommodate all of the ages so well.  I never thought the preschoolers would be able to do it.  I thought the older kids would be bored."  We hear it whenever the adults tackle the obstacles.  "I can't believe I did it. That was so much fun."  We especially love when we hear it at special needs events.  "I've never seen these children light up the way they did when they were on the Challenge Course."  We hear it every day.  "I've never seen anything like this." 

At Child's Play Challenge Courses we have created our own unique niche that sets us apart from brick and mortar ninja gyms, companies with inflatables or large truss systems and the over saturated market of STEAM and STEM enrichment.


We provide more than an activity. 
We provide an experience tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


We Come to You!

Franchise owners and their Course Masters bring the action right to our clients at the location of their choice, indoors or outdoors.  Our custom obstacles adapt to a wide variety of locations from back yards to front yards, conference rooms to classrooms, camps to parks, and more.


crush the course!

Our Challenge Course has been carefully constructed to challenge agility, coordination, balance, speed, and endurance.  Course Crushers don't need special training or athletic ability to participate.  Crushing the Course promotes problem-solving, team building and boosts self esteem.


unplug and play!

The Course Crushing can be tailored for a wide variety of events, including birthday parties, camp programs, corporate events, festivals, street fairs, and more.  We also have a proprietary enrichment program for schools and private “pods” in which children build important motor skills, increase cardiovascular fitness, and gain confidence in a fun and supportive setting.


Our Philosophy

At Child's Play Challenge Courses our philosophy is defined by our core values and the guiding principles that shape our brand and direct our future.

unplug and play

Maybe it comes from growing up in the 80’s, but we learned about more than big hair and fanny packs back then.  We learned about the importance of face-to face-interactions and forging bonds by playing outside until the streetlights came on.  We bring Course Crushers back to the days before electronic devices and excessive screen time.  We connect folks through active play beyond the reliance of social media.  Our immersive activity gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy their present moment, unplug and play.

sweat the small stuff

We believe the small stuff is the foundation for the high standards we deliver.  From our quick response to that first email to our precise planning of parties to our dependable fulfillment of activities, our success is a product of our consistency.  We maintain an unwavering commitment to our vision and our mission when we sweat the small stuff.

find your fortitude

Maybe everyone can't be a winner, but we know that everyone can be the best that they can be.  We teach children to challenge themselves and build resilience.  We show adults that they can be physically active at any stage of their lives.  Whether they are the child who overcame their fear climbing over the rock wall, the adult who rediscovered their love for fitness on the floating steps or the special needs ninja who conquered the tires we teach everyone to face their adversity and find their fortitude. 

crush your cause

It began with a festival called Rockin’ 4 Autism.  We donated 100% of the profits from the event to Autism NJ.  It was our first event with the special needs community and we will never forget the smiles and sense of accomplishment on the faces of those who overcome real life obstacles every day.  It is our privilege to give back and to make a difference in the lives of others.  We encourage owners to engage with their communities and continue the legacy to crush your cause.


Start CRUSHing Business Ownership

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