about us

Child's Play Challenge Courses is a mobile obstacle course business committed to keeping folks of all ages and abilities healthy, active and uplugged in a fun and playful setting!


Participants of all ages and abilities

- from kids to adults! -

overcome the obstacles to become



Franchise owners and their Course Masters bring the action right to our clients at the location of their choice, indoors or outdoors.  Our custom obstacles adapt to a wide variety of locations from back yards to front yards, conference rooms to classrooms, camps to parks, and more.


Our Challenge Course has been carefully constructed to challenge agility, coordination, balance, speed, and endurance and Course Crushers don't need special training or athletic ability to participate.  Crushing the Course promotes problem-solving and team building and boosts self esteem.

The Course Crushing can be tailored for a wide variety of events, including birthday parties, block parties, camp programs, corporate events, festivals, special events, street fairs, and so much more.  We also have a proprietary enrichment program for schools and private “pods” in which children build important motor skills, increase cardiovascular fitness, and gain confidence in a fun and supportive setting.

We don't just provide an activity. 

We provide an experience.

We have real military and ninja inspired obstacles.  No inflatables for us!