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Lauren spent the past 30 years working as an event planner, stage manager, production manager, and operations manager in theater, television and the performing arts.  You will find her picture under the word “logistics” in the dictionary (not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?)  Lauren provides leadership and strategic vision and oversees operational, managerial and administrative procedures to ensure the successful planning and implementation for events and activities.  In her spare time Lauren enjoys dance classes as a throwback to her theater days.

Lauren believes it is critical to remain connected to all aspects of the business to properly support the operations.  She makes time to drive the truck, set up equipment and supervise the Challenge Course in action.  Some of her favorite memories include driving back from successful events with her daughter Jade after bringing parents and children together to unplug and overcome the obstacles. 


Lauren is excited for the future of Child's Play Challenge Courses. She anticipates the many contributions the business will make in keeping Course Crushers from all walks of life active and healthy.

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