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Matt has over 25 years of experience working in the fitness industry, as well as with children in sports-conditioning programs, after-school enrichment, camps, birthday parties, and childcare facilities.  He is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and has worked for corporate, university and large franchise-operated fitness studios.  Matt is black belt certified and served as a karate instructor for children for many years.  In his spare time, he enjoys competing in endurance runs where he loves jumping into containers of ice water before sprinting through electrified wires.  Yeah, he’s that guy.

In 2014 Matt was approached by a parent, impressed by his work at the childcare facility attended by his son, to provide a sports-conditioning activity at an upcoming block party.   Matt wanted to present the service in a fun and entertaining setting.  Building on his own love of obstacle races and knowing how much kids love to challenge themselves he became intrigued with the idea of crafting his own course (minus ice water and electrification.)   Matt made use of his graphic design degree and passion for building and constructed an obstacle course that was a huge hit at the block party.  Parents kept asking if he could do birthday parties and events…and as we say, the rest is Child's Play Challenge Courses history (read all about it in the History and Growth section.)  Since its inception, the Challenge Course has been very well received and is growing rapidly in popularity.


Matt is committed to keeping children and adults healthy and active while having fun.  He values and appreciates his time on the Challenge Course and he believes that when you enjoy what you do work becomes play.  You could say Matt works hard, but he plays harder.

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