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eddy rolon

Eddy joined the team in 2020 and has been an integral part of their continued growth and success.

Eddy was a physical education teacher, as well as a gymnastics and parkour instructor.  He enjoys an active lifestyle and owned a combat sports gym for over 20 years.  As a former MMA Champion he knows the importance of being involved in worthwhile and physically challenging activities.  Eddy finds it rewarding to see Course Crushers improve technique and gain efficiency as they navigate obstacles, knowing these skills will carryover to the real world by enhancing self esteem and overcoming adversity. 

In 2021, Eddy's son EJ joined the team as a Course Master.  "It was a great bonus to get to work with my son at these very special events.  EJ earned enough to pay for his first lesson as an airline pilot.  My wife and I are very proud."

Child's Play Challenge Courses is happy to have Eddy and is confident that his years of experience and solid understanding of running their events and activities will be an asset to their Franchisee training.

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