we challenge you
your future!

Leave the office behind, unplug and play with a Child's Play Challenge Courses franchise!


We are committed to supporting our franchisees every step of the way and providing a solid foundation for their freedom, security and the unmatched pride and accomplishment that comes from owning their own business.  With our strong support system we empower our franchisees to transform their lives and make a difference in their community by bringing folks of all ages and abilities together to find their fortitude, overcome the obstacles, unplug and play!


view our brand story and meet our founders, matthew and lauren borawski

Videos created by Course Master and Founder's daughter, Jade Glassman.


The obstacle course industry is noted to be the fastest growing sport in the world and Child’s Play Challenge Courses needs to expand to meet the demand.  Folks are reaching out from all over the country saying they can’t find any other company like ours.  This is your opportunity to join a new and emerging brand with room for exponential growth. 

So, what moves you to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals?  Are you the ideal candidate to CRUSH your future with your own Child's Play Challenge Courses franchise?


YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY and provide a unique and memorable experience that builds connections and strengthens bonds.


YOU WANT MORE THAN A BUSINESS.  You want a mission dedicated to helping others overcome obstacles, face adversity and find their fortitude.


YOU WANT TO CHOOSE THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH and surround yourself with those who motivate you and support your dreams.


YOU WANT TO WORK HARD, BUT PLAY HARDER and engage your inner child in an upbeat and fun setting you have the opportunity to foster and create. 

why choose us?
quite frankly, because we
crush it!


C – Customizable – Our technique is unique!  No other obstacle course company offers the wide variety of activities that we have established.  The Challenge Course can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients in many different spaces, both outdoors and indoors.  Our mobile business model brings the Course Crushing to the comfort and convenience of our client’s location. Business is flourishing despite the pandemic and challenging times.


R - Reasonable - Portable means affordable!  Our home-based, mobile business is a lower investment than a traditional brick and mortar ninja franchise that offers flexibility and an amazing work-life balance.  You will have the ability to be up and running much quicker than that of a conventional gym facility with a schedule that works for you.


U – User-Friendly So much Course Crush!  Our inclusive activity appeals to a wide range of customers.  The Challenge Course accommodates ages 2 to adult and folks don’t need special training or athletic ability to participate.  We are proud to translate seamlessly to the special needs community offering equal opportunity Course Crushing for ninjas from many walks of life!


S – Staff Efficient – Dream Team!  Just a few gig-based workers are needed at any given time to support our activities.  Our business model can also be a family-run operation, just like it began for our founding Course Masters Matt and Lauren, helping to reduce overhead expense and retain earnings.  We know firsthand that quality time working with family offers benefits that no outside employer could ever provide. 


H – High Reaching Pursue a purpose!  We are more than a business; we are a mission.  Surround yourself with a motivational and inspirational environment.  Be part of a brand committed to teaching children to challenge themselves and build resilience and to showing adults that they can be physically active at any stage in their lives. 



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4. Final review with our Leadership Team.  Qualified candidates  approved to join Child's Play Challenge Courses.


5. Start the on-boarding process.  Launch your own Child's Play Challenge Courses and CRUSH your future!

we need to expand to meet the demand!